3 Reasons to Let Your Children Go Barefoot

let your children go barefoot


Walking barefoot through the warm summer grass. Who doesn’t feel a bit nostalgic remembering the childhood pleasure of going around barefoot?
Almost anyone would agree that it’s enjoyable to kick off one’s shoes every once in a while and feel the earth beneath your feet.

It’s good for all of us, but little ones — whose bodies are growing rapidly — can especially benefit from going without shoes.

Here 3 reasons to let your children go barefoot:

🦶1. To Allow Feet to Grow and Develop the Way They Were Meant To
You may never have noticed this, but shoes change the shape of our feet throughout our lives.

At birth, the human foot gets wider as it progresses to the ends of the toes. But the average adult’s foot is widest at the ball, and the toes pinch inward. Why is that? Because a lifetime of wearing shoes has actually altered the shape of the foot!

🦶2. To Encourage Children to Learn a Natural, Healthy Gait
Wearing shoes changes the way we walk. And it isn’t for the better.
When we’re barefoot, we naturally walk more gently, with a shorter stride, putting less pressure on our heels. Our knees bend to cushion the shock of each step. Our toes grip the floor and help propel us forward.
Shoes change all that.

🦶3.  Improved Safety.
The number one reason most people put shoes on their kids is for their safety. To protect their feet from hard, sharp surfaces. But in most situations, wearing shoes is actually more dangerous than going barefoot.
Children are much more likely to trip and fall when they’re wearing shoes – especially flip-flops and Crocs.

❤️So keep your kid’s feet healthy by keeping them bare!
Sunshine and fresh air are great for feet, too!

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