4 Fun Backyard Games For Kids

fun backyard games

Sometimes just spending time outside is all you and your kids need.

Soak up the sun with this list of fun backyard games that require little to no setup.

🎊1. Sly Fox.
Choose one of the players to be the fox and have them face away from the rest of the group. The players make a start zone and slowly creep forward toward the fox with the goal of touching them. The fox then has to count to 10 out loud or softly; when they reach 10 they turn around and everyone must freeze. If you get caught moving, you go back to the start. If you reach the fox and touch them, you become the new fox.

🎊2. Pass the Water.
Players separate into teams, giving each team member a cup. Fill the first team’s cup up with water. The team stands in a line and each person passes the water behind them to the next person by pouring the water into their cup over their head. Once the water reaches the last person they crawl through all the team member’s legs to the front. Repeat until everyone has crawled through, then sit down as fast as you can to win.

🎊3. Spud.
Players each get a number depending on how many are playing. Players form a circle around the “it” person. The “it” person throws a ball in the air and calls out one of the players’ numbers. That player must run and grab the ball; in the meantime, everyone spreads out. Once the player grabs the ball, everyone including them must freeze; they must then throw the ball and try to hit someone. If they miss, they’re now “it.” If they hit someone, that person is “it.” Once you are “it” you gain the letter S. If you already have an S you get the letter P, and so on. Once you reach SPUD, you are out of the game.

🎊4. Blob Tag.
One person is “it” and must run around and tag someone. Once tagged, they join hands and try to tag someone else. Everyone tagged has to join hands in the blob until all are part of the blob.

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❤️Stay safe and have fun with your kids!

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