4 ideas for hosting a unicorn party

Unicorn Gifts for Girls


🌈1. Easy dress-up: be a unicorn! A costume for any little one who loves sparkles and rainbows.
What you’ll need: scissors, tape, glue, a peg, ribbon, lots of colored wool, colored card, and silver foil.
- Unicorn horn
- Colourful mane
- Swooshy tail
- Cloppety hooves

🌈2. Make the rainbow.
Let’s get drawing with all the colors of the rainbow.
What to do:
- Give each child a piece of paper, felt tips, and stickers. Ask them to draw a rainbow and stick on lots of unicorns!
- Can they sing I can sing a rainbow as they draw to remind themselves which order the colors are in?

🌈3. Fun party bag filler: check out our fun unicorn party set!

🌈4. Party snack: No-bake unicorn cookies.

This recipe makes 6 cookies. Make more depending on how many kids are coming to the party.

- Ask your child to add 3 tablespoons of coconut flour and 6 tablespoons of nut butter to a bowl.
- Add lots of unicorn sprinkles and mix it up!
- Get your kid to roll the dough into balls. Use a fork to press them down.
- Decorate with more sprinkles. YUM!

unicorn party toys
🥳It’s just a shame that, despite all the magical powers a unicorn may possess, their hooved feet still make them unable to clean up after themselves.

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