6 Fun Easter Traditions From Around The World

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🐰Easter is way more than some days off to binge on chocolate bunnies and candy eggs: It’s an important religious holiday that comes with all kinds of traditions and customs.

Here are a collection of fun Easter traditions from around the world.

🐣1. Kite Flying.
The people in Bermuda aim high for Easter: kite flying is everyone’s favorite pastime during the holidays. Bermudians make their own kites with wooden sticks, colorful paper, and intricate design

🐣2. Murder Mystery Reading.
In some parts of the world, Easter is high time for crimes – and we’re not talking about biting off the ears of innocent chocolate bunnies or cracking beautifully decorated eggs. No, we’re talking Påskekrimmen, the Norwegian tradition of reading, watching, and listening to crime stories and detective thrillers during the Easter holidays.

🐣3. Easter Nest Hiding.
In Germany, Switzerland, and many other countries for that matter, Easter nests are hidden for kids. The nests are actually decorated baskets or boxes that are filled with chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, candy, and toys and are said to be hidden by the Easter bunny himself.

🐣4. Water Fighting.
Few things signify Easter more than a friendly water fight. That’s what the Polish think as they celebrate Śmigus Dyngus (Poured Monday – the wet festivities take place on Easter Monday) by throwing lots of H2O at each other.

🐣5. Halloweening.
Sweden and some of its Scandinavian friends celebrate Halloween in spring: on Thursday before Easter, kids dress up as witches (complete with broomsticks and copper kettles) and go from door to door to ask for candy. The kids usually offer the adults decorated willow branches or drawings in return for the treats.

🐣6. Pretzel Distributing.
Luxembourgers celebrate Bretzelsonnden, Pretzel Sunday, on the third Sunday in Lent. The Bretzelsonnden tradition: Guys give the girl they fancy a pretzel on said Sunday. If she accepts the treat, the guy is allowed to visit the girl on Easter Sunday and will get an egg in return. If all of this happens in a leap year, the roles are reversed, and the girls can hand out pretzels.

🥳Funny traditions! 

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