6 Ways To Teach Your Kids About The Resurrection

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🐰💛Easter is such a fun time to celebrate, especially when you have young children!
But while Easter egg hunts, cute baby chicks, candy, and all that are great, it’s still important to teach our kids the true meaning of Easter...
Here are some ways to help teach your kids (even toddlers) and help them understand Jesus’ resurrection.

🐣1. Read The Resurrection Story To Your Kids.
Read to them from an illustrated kids’ Bible.
🐣2. Sing Praise & Worship Songs That Teach About Jesus’ Resurrection.
God loves to hear us sing to him, especially young kids! What better way to teach kids more about him than through praise and worship music geared towards kids.
🐣3. Tell The Story Of Jesus’ Resurrection With A Flashlight.
You can read the Easter story for kids activity, but use the flashlights to emphasize certain points. For example, turn them off when speaking of His crucifixion and burial, and then turn them on and speak to represent Jesus coming back to life.
🐣4. Find Fun Christ-Centered Activities.
Kids absolutely love hands-on activities, and it is a great tool to use to teach them about the resurrection.
🐣5. Make A Christian Easter Basket For Your Kids.
You can use the SWIRLLINE Easter box as an opportunity to fill Easter baskets with the fun small stuff!
🐣6. Pray And Ask Questions With Your Child.
The most important way we can teach our kids about Jesus’ resurrection… through prayer and living it out every day.

All of these will help you teach them about the true meaning of Easter!

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