9 Sleepover Tips Every Parent Should Know

Sleepover Ideas for Kids

🛌Here are a few sleepover tips so that slumber parties won’t make you pull your hair out.

1. Make sure your child is ready.
Some kids may be perfectly fine at seven or eight while others might not be ready until their teen years.

2. Chat with fellow parents.
One of the best ways to have an easier time with sleepovers is to coordinate the details with fellow parents and get to know them in advance.

3. Explain sleepover etiquette and safety to your child.
Whether you’re hosting or sending, explain the rules and boundaries of sleepovers ahead of time to your child.

4. Lay ground rules from the start.
One of the best ways to avoid arguments and problems during the night is to set firm but reasonable rules from the beginning. This might include where kids can play, indoor rules for your home, outside boundaries, soda limits, and internet/phone boundaries.

5. Keep contact information in a central location.
Many savvy parents will already have contact info for the parents of their kids’ friends. But it can be extra helpful to print out all the names and numbers of parents whose kids will be at your sleepover ahead of time and keep it in an easy-to-find location like your purse or the fridge.

6. Pack the essentials, but get your kid’s input, too
The core sleepover kit for younger kids includes a toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, pajamas, and at least one other outfit. Check to see if they need to bring their own sleeping bag and/or pillow.

7. Supervise, but don’t tyrannize.
If you are the host parent, it’s obviously your responsibility to supervise the kids in your care and make sure they don’t get hurt or do anything too crazy.

8. Expect the unexpected.
Expect the unexpected is the perfect saying for dealing with sleepovers and kids.

❤️Have a fun time!

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