Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Child's Birthday Without A Party

kids birthday ideas

🎉You can still make your child's birthday a memorable celebration without throwing a party.
Here are some fun birthday party Ideas you can do while social distancing.

🎈1. Go Camping.
Pack up the family and go camping. Pitch a tent and rough it, even in your own backyard. The time your family spends without the tablets and phones.

🎈2. Take a Day Trip.
Get in the car and head to a neighboring city for the day. Changing up your scenery for the day and making a trip out of it will make your child feel special because this family-friendly day trip is all about him or her. Let them navigate the route or pick between two neighboring cities for a feeling of ownership.

🎈3. Take in a Movie.
You can take in a movie for the birthday. If you're planning a movie night at home, make it even more special. With a little extra prep like popcorn and movie snacks, your home movie night can become an event.

🎈4. Host a Family Dinner.
Some of the best birthday memories are made with your family around the dinner table. You can plan their favorite homecooked meal.

🎈5. Let Your Child Decide.
What does your son or daughter want to do for their birthday? Just ask. They may surprise you and say they would just like to spend the day playing with you. If your kid is stumped, help make a list and talk about the many fun things you can do together to celebrate the birthday. In the end, let your child make the decision.

❤️Suggest some of these ideas to your child  for a fun and memorable birthday.

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