How to Help Your Children With Entertaining Themselves

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The constant refrain of “Moooom! I’m bored!” is enough to make a parent roll their eyes and tense with frustration.
All you want to do is finish making dinner or get a small home project done, and all your kids want is for you to come up with an activity to entertain them.

Create an “I’m Bored” Jar
This is a two-parter: The first time your kid announces “I’m bored!” have her create the jar. This entails doing a little craft project to decorate a jar and then coming up with ideas to put in it. The next time boredom strikes, he or she can pick an idea out of the jar. Some ideas could include:

⏺Write a letter to grandma, grandpa, or a cousin.
⏺Build a fort with blankets and pillows.
⏺Have a dance party.
Find a magnet and then make a list of everyone in the house that’s magnetized.
⏺Brush the dog.
⏺Write down five things you love about each person in the family.
⏺Make a paper airplane that flies across the backyard.
⏺Play capture the flag.
⏺Build a castle with boxes.
⏺Write a story.
⏺Create a zoo for your stuffed animals.
⏺Make a collage with magazine pictures.
⏺Create a family newsletter to send to cousins.
⏺Make a bird feeder.
⏺Organize all the clothes by color.
⏺Have a stuffed animal tea party.

Sometimes a child isn’t really that bored but rather wants your attention.
If you can manage it, stop what you’re doing for five to 10 minutes to give your little one your full attention, whether it’s to play a short game or just talk about his day.
A little positive attention can go a long way to helping your child entertain himself or herself.

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