Non-Competitive Active Games for Kids

Active Games for Kids

There are no winners or losers with these non-competitive games for kids - only lots of active fun.
Try them at your next family party or birthday celebration.
These games and activities can be adapted for different ages, interests, skill levels, and party themes, and many can be played indoors or out.
Indoor and outdoor games to beat boredom
active play ideas.

🎈Bounce in the House:
Rent, borrow or buy an inflatable jumping structure. Kids can never get enough of this non-competitive physical activity

🎈Ants on a Log:
Have kids stand on a line (make it with a jump rope, sidewalk chalk, painters' tape, etc.).
Give them each a number. Then have them switch places to line up in the opposite order, so #1 ends up in, say sixth place, while #6 is in the first place. The challenge is that they can't step off the line while they rearrange. It takes teamwork.
This non-competitive game comes from Playworks, a group that works with schools to help kids play actively and cooperatively during recess.

🎈Overcome Obstacles:
Create an obstacle course in your home or yard using furniture, fabric tunnels, cardboard boxes, sidewalk chalk, etc., and have party guests navigate it—not as a race, but as a team activity. Better yet, give kids the raw materials and have them design their own course.

Ready, Set, Get Wet: Kids and water are always a fun, active combination. Put out a slip-and-slide, a sprinkler, an array of squirters, or a big tub of water and some buckets (then stand back).

🎈Find the Pennies:
Hide shiny pennies or nickels around your home or yard and challenge kids to find them, alone or in teams. Have them place found coins in a special jar and explain that the birthday child will donate the cash to a favorite charity. Better yet, choose a charity that aligns with the party's theme: an animal shelter for a puppy party, or a food pantry for a cooking party.

🎈Make a Mess:
Throw a messy party. Let kids toss flour, dig in the dirt, squirt silly string and shaving cream.
The kids cooperate to make a huge mess.

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