Outdoor Kids' Birthday Party Ideas for Summer Babies

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We put together a list of sizzling kids' birthday party themes for outdoor parties below, including activity suggestions, decoration ideas, and some memorable munchies that will make your kid's party the event of the summer season.

🎈1. Splash Bash.
All it takes is a little bit of water to create buckets of fun at this kids' birthday party Splash Bash!

Activities: Set up kiddie pools and sprinklers for everyone to splash around in. Younger kids will have fun filling and spilling containers, while older kids will enjoy water guns and balloons. Everyone can have some fun making these simple pool noodle boats and setting sail for adventure!
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🎈2. Messy Arty Party.
Clean up is a breeze for a kids' art party when you already have everyone outside. You don’t have to worry about getting paint all over your floors! Tell your guests to dress for a mess and let the creativity flow.

Activities: When mess is not a hindrance, the possibilities for fun are endless. Cover the ground with a painters' drop cloth and let your guests splatter paint all over it, or fill balloons with paint and let them pop. Water gun painting is another option, and it's the perfect mixture of two favorite summer pastimes: squirt guns and painting.

🎈3. Outdoor Movie Party.
This party comes together so easily for kids of any age. Ask your guests to bring their own blankets, quilts, or lawn chairs to make sure you have enough seating and set up an outdoor movie party so kids get a chance to watch a movie under the stars.

Activity: Obviously, the movie is the star of the show at this kids' party. You can purchase an outdoor screen, or make your own using a white sheet.

Throw an amazing kids' birthday party right in your own backyard or local park with these outdoor party ideas.

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