Pinata Fun Facts


🥳Nothing says “party” like a birthday pinata.
Load the candy or small fun toys by SWIRLLINE, hang the pinata, let them break it open, and watch the mad scramble ensue.
Below are few Pinata fun facts that we have collected.

🎈1. While now famous for being a part of Hispanic culture, piñatas may have actually originated in China.
🎈2. At least partly due to Marco Polo and other explorers and traders, the piñata was brought to Europe.
🎈3. In Mexico, piñatas have often been used as political commentary.
🎈4. While piñatas in the United States are usually filled with candy, those in Mexico more often than not contain fruit (along with said candy). These often include oranges and guavas.
🎈5. In Mexico, the tradition of the piñata is often associated with Christmas, and they often enjoy the most sales during the holiday season.
🤩Use our little piñata filler toys. They are perfect for this.

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