Some Creative Goodie Bag Ideas for Happy Partygoers

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The party was perfectly planned, it went off without a hitch, and now it's time for the to do is to hand them a goodie bag on the way out the door.
But how to fill it?
Here are some affordable goodie-bag ideas - just add some candy and you're
good to go.
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🎈1. Science Goodie Bag.
Goodie Bag Ideas - Science
Stimulate your budding Marie and Pierre Curies with this tribute to all things STEM. It'll look extra cute if you fill those beakers with candy - or include instructions for easy-to-do science experiments at home.
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🎈2. Art Goodie Bag.
Goodie Bag Ideas - Art Party
The other parents will thank you for bolstering the art-supply bin with items that will keep their little ones' hands busy.
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🎈3. Explorer Goodie Bag.
Goodie Bag Ideas - Outdoor Explorer
Nurture kids' curiosity about the outdoors with these kits β€” and make sure you throw in some plastic bugs or animals for them to "observe," since it might not be appreciated if they come home bearing real, live bugs.
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🎈4. Unicorn Goodie Bag.
Goodie Bag Ideas - Unicorn
The mystical, magical rainbow unicorn trend will never go away, and with favors this cute, we wouldn't want it to.
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🎈5. Sports Goodie Bag.
Goodie Bag Ideas - Sports
Athletes and fans alike can get behind these fun favors, which are sure to score points among sports fans.
The water bottle can even be used as the container to carry it all home in!
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🎈6. Superhero Goodie Bag.
Goodie Bag Ideas - Superhero
Pow! These super-themed treats are all action.
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