Some Easter Facts For Kids

Easter Facts For Kids

😍Are you looking for interesting facts about Easter for kids?

Here you can find some facts about Easter celebrations around the world.

🐣The name has been derived from the name of a goddess named Easter.
🐣The first Easter basket looked like a bird’s nest and eggs were placed inside.
🐣White lilies are associated with this celebration as they symbolize resurrection.
🐣The practice of egg painting on this day is known as Pysanka.
🐣It is the second biggest holiday for the sale of candy after Halloween.
🐣The Easter Bunny originated in Germany and the tradition was taken to the USA in the 18th century.
🐣Every country has its own different way of celebrating the day, like in Sweden they have Easter Wizard instead of Bunny.
🐣The main symbols of the celebration are rabbits, eggs, baskets, nests, the cross, white lilies, etc.
🐣London hosted the world’s biggest ever Easter egg hunt in 2012.

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