Some Indoor Games For Kids And Families

games for kids

Here are the games to help you tire out kids who have a lot of extra energy.

🎈Chair Hat Toss.
It’s a remarkably entertaining past-time that teaches kids to throw.
How to Set Up:
Turn over a kitchen chair so that its legs sticking up. Find a hat — baseball is best or cowboy work.
How To Play:
Try to throw the hat onto the legs of the chair. That’s it. Want to complicate it a bit? Give each leg a point value. Now we’re learning about counting (but mostly just throwing a hat around). If kids are super into it, have them make DIY rings out of rope or cardboard.

🎈Balloon Tennis.
Think of this as a way to play organized sports.
How To Set Up:
Get two chairs and prop them up roughly 10 feet apart. Tie a strong between them. Inflate a balloon. Hand out fly swatters.
How To Play:
It’s tennis. The only real difference is that there needs to be a clear rule about how many times a player is allowed to hit the balloon while it’s on his or her side of the net. Two works for coordinated kids, but three is probably the best bet.

🎈The Spider Game.
It’s basically a classic “cat and mouse” game.
How To Set Up:
Find a blanket, ideally, something sized for a crib or a stroller. Kitchen napkins or even rags work as well.
How to Play:
The player who is designated as the “Spider” (that’s you) holds the blanket like a toreador. The other player (that’s the child) runs in a designated path around the Spider who tries to catch them by throwing the blanket, their “spider silk.” If it touches the child, they are considered caught and the game begins again. For kids, this is a game of boundary testing. Miss a few times and they’ll start moving closer. That’s when you get ‘em.

🎈The Pillow Game.
This game expands creatively on the concept of charades.
How To Set Up:
Wrap your child in a towel. Have them lay on their stomach and put your head (gently) on their back.
How To Play:
After a fleeting moment of peace, your “pillow” will likely start to move. At this point, you will wonder aloud why the pillow is wiggling and ask what it might be if it’s not a pillow. From there, the kid has to act like an animal stuck in a towel, while you guess what they are by feel.

❤️Have a fun time!

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