Throw an Awesome Birthday Party With These Fun Ideas

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

🎂🎊Here are 4 of our favorites to inspire your next outdoor birthday party.

🎈Water Party.
Whether you've got a pool or not, a water party is sure to be a blast. Set up sprinklers, a Slip 'n Slide, water balloons, and water guns (check out our water blasters SWIRLLINE) and let the kids go wild.
They'll be shrieking with joy for hours and never want it to end. Just be sure to close the windows to the house, and make the rules are clear as to where wet kids are allowed. Not only is a water party a lot of fun, but it keeps the kids cool on a hot day.

🎈Beach Party.
You don't have to live near the ocean to have a beach party! If your kid loves the beach, get out the beach balls and create an amazing display like Dawn Smith from Not Just a Mommy did here. Crab plates, surfboards, and thematic food in the shape of fish, shark fins, swim noodles, and inner tubes add more fun to this party. The only other thing you need is a sandbox to build some castles in.

🎈Archaeological Dig.
For kids who love the thrill of the hunt or are intrigued by all that came before them, hold an archaeological dig party.
Simply bury "artifacts" in a sandbox, at the beach, or in the dirt for them to search out and uncover. You can add an extra element of fun by giving them riddles that help lead them to the buried items or have a contest to see who can find a certain "golden" item that wins them a big prize.

🎈Bubbles Party.
Kids love bubbles of all shapes and sizes, and what could be more fun than blowing, chasing, and popping bubbles for hours on end? Set up a few bubble machines for a constant flow of bubbles, and then have plenty of individual bottles for the kids to do on their own.
Depending on their age, the kids can even create super-size bubbles or make their own beautiful bubble wands as a party favor to take home.

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