Tips for Using Praise, Encouragement, and Rewards

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No matter how old your children are, your praise and encouragement will help them feel good about themselves. This boosts their self-esteem and confidence. Sometimes rewards can be useful too, especially if you want to encourage good behavior.

Help build your child’s self-esteem and encourage good behavior with these tips:

🎈1. When you feel good about your child, say so. See if you can give your child some words of encouragement every day. The small things you say can build up over time to have a big effect on your child.

🎈2. Try to praise more than you criticise. As a guide, try to praise your child six times for every one time you say something negative.

🎈3. Look for little changes and successes. Rather than waiting until your child has done something perfectly to give a compliment, try to praise any effort or improvement.

🎈4. Accept that everyone’s different. Praise your child for her unique strengths and encourage her to develop and feel excited about her particular interests. This will help her develop a sense of pride and confidence.

🎈5. Surprise your child with a reward for good behavior. For example, ‘Thanks for picking up the toys – let’s go to the park to celebrate’.

🎈6. Praise effort as well as achievement. Recognise and praise how hard your child is trying.

🎈7. Try to make your praise dependent on your child’s behavior, rather than your feelings. You might find that the more you look for good behavior to praise, the more positive you’ll feel (and the more good behavior you’ll see).

Sometimes it’s easier to criticise than it is to compliment. Bad behavior is often more obvious than good behavior – for example, you’re more likely to notice when your child is yelling than you are to notice when your child is quietly reading a book.
Try to pay attention to good behavior!❤️

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